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How to download a video from Peech
How to download a video from Peech

Learn how to download videos from Peech

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Select a video to download

  1. Select a video project from your content library

  2. Select a snippet or highlight from the video project and click the blue 'Download' button.

Alternatively, you may want to download a video right after you finish your edits. In that case, make sure you're in the 'Visual Editor' and then click the blue 'Download' button on the top right.

The selected video will now begin downloading and you can check the progress of your download by clicking on the Notification Icon (Blue bell).

Once the download has finished processing within your account, click on the blue download button to download the video to your computer.

Why can't I download my video?

  • Make sure you are currently within a video project and have selected a video.

  • You've reached your video download limit. When you reach your download limit, you will be prompted to Upgrade your plan. If you're currently on an Enterprise plan, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager about purchasing more downloads.

  • If none of the options above apply to you, please reach refer to our Support article.

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