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How to upload a new video to Peech
How to upload a new video to Peech
Updated over a week ago

The easiest way to get started with Peech is to upload a video from your computer or use a Youtube link. Please note that we currently only support videos with sound.

Upload your video file

  1. Sign into your Peech account

  2. Select 'Create Video'

3. When prompted, choose 'Upload New Video'

4. Click inside the upload box to upload a video file from your computer, or paste a Youtube link and click 'Get Video'.

5. Peech will now detect the spoken language in the video. Click 'Select' or change the language if necessary.

6. Click 'Next' (Bottom of the page)

7. You will now be prompted to choose your Brand Book. Once you've selected the brand kit you'd like to use, select 'Finish'.

Using drag and drop

Tired of clicking through folders and menus on your computer? Easily upload a video using drag and drop.

  1. Sign into your Peech account

  2. Click and drag a file from your computer onto the browser window where you're signed in.

Trouble uploading a video?

Check your internet connection. Uploading relies on a steady connection to ensure the file can be passed to Peech.

Check your video contains verbal content. Peech currently only supports videos that have verbal content in them.

Check that the language you selected matches the spoken language in the video.

Update your browser. Make sure you're using Google Chrome and that you're using the latest version. We want to ensure you're not running into any compatibility issues.

Still struggling to upload? Reach out to our Support Team through our website chat or [email protected] with the file that you're trying to upload. We'll take a closer look.



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