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Flow #1 - Automated Video Repurposing
Flow #1 - Automated Video Repurposing
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In order to generate a limitless supply of branded videos from your content, learn how to use Peech's automated video repurposing process.

1. First, ensure you've set your company's brand kit as the default, so that all generated visual elements align with your brand guidelines.

If you're interested in learning how to establish a new brand kit, please review this article.

2. In the main video library, proceed to upload your video content onto the platform.

Peech will analyze the speech in the video content and create branded snippets automatically.

Recommended videos for Peech:

  • Video Podcasts

  • Customers Testimonials

  • Educational Videos

  • Product Reviews

  • Interviews

  • Conferences

  • Webinars

And every video that includes verbal-content.

3. Select the language spoken by the video's speaker.

This step assists Peech in editing and highlighting key messages using visual elements.

4. Once Peech completes the upload and video generation process, you will find a video folder with the same name.

This folder contains all the branded snippets of that video that Peech has automatically created for you.

The number in the top left corner indicates the quantity of snippets Peech has generated for your use.

5. Navigate to the folder to review the edited snippets that Peech has generated for you.

You'll notice that Peech has segmented the complete video content into chapters based on topics, and it has also generated short snippets and highlight versions for any snippets over a minute long.

Within each chapter, you'll have a variety of frame-size versions:

Utilize the filters to discover the perfect edited snippets for your needs.

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