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Brand Kit

How to create a new brand kit, set a default brand kit, change a brand kit, edit and delete a brand kit

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Set a Brand Kit so Peech can generate visual elements based on your brand guidelines. Brand kits provide benefits such as consistency, efficiency, professionalism, and time-saving. They ensure that brand elements like colors, fonts, and logos remain consistent across videos, saving time and enhancing the overall professionalism of the content.

How to create a new Brand Kit

  1. From your library, select 'Brand Book' in the top right corner.

  2. Select 'New Brand Kit'

  3. Enter a name for your new brand kit.

  4. Upload your company's logo. Set as default will be chosen automatically. If you have light or dark versions of the company logo, click Advanced and upload the other versions.

  5. Peech will automatically detect the main colors in the logo you uploaded. You can also add additional colors with the 'Secondary Colors Palette'

  6. Choose a Header font and Body font

  7. Choose Visual Style from the library.

  8. Your new brand kit will be added automatically to your Brand Book.

How to set a default Brand Kit

From your Brand Book, mark the set as default checkbox under the desirable brand kit. Every time Peech automatically edits a video for you, it will generate it using this selected brand kit.

How to delete a Brand Kit

From your Brand Book, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Brand Kit you'd like to delete and select 'Delete', on the Delete Confirmation pop up, select 'Delete'.

How to edit a Brand Kit

From your Brand Book, click on the Brand Kit you'd like to edit. Make relevant edits to the brand kit.

How to change the Brand Kit on a video

To change the Brand Kit that's been set on a video, select the video from a video project, and then click 'Edit'. On the bottom left corner of the 'Visual Editor' click 'Brand Kit' and select the Brand Kit you'd like to assign to the video.

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