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Learn how to edit your logo within the Visual Editor.

Updated over a week ago

Peech automatically embeds your brand logo from the chosen brand kit into the upper left corner of the video, enhancing brand visibility and professional presentation.

Having your company logo on your video content is beneficial as it reinforces brand recognition, fosters trust with viewers, and helps deter unauthorized use of your content.

If you want to edit and adjust different parameters, navigate to the Logo section within the Visual Editor:

  1. Press the Toggle icon to turn the watermark logo on or off

  2. Use the Logo dropdown to select a different logo version from your brand kit.

  3. In the Position you can change the position of the watermark logo to a different corner of the screen.

  4. Adjust the transparency of the watermark logo using the Opacity slider.

  5. Modify the size of the watermark logo using the Size slider.

Change the position and size of the watermark logo on the actual monitor screen

Another way to change the position and size of the watermark logo is by using the drag method directly on the monitor itself.


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