Set up a brand kit
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Set a brand kit to let Peech generate visual elements based on your brand guidelines.

  1. From the "Brand" section, click New Brand Kit.

  2. Enter brand kit name, and click next

  3. Upload your company's logo. Set as default will be chosen automatcally. If you have more versions of the compay's logos, click Advanced and upload the other versions

  4. Upload your company font or choose one from the Peech library (Google fonts).

  5. Choose how Peech defines from the font family regular font and bold font.

  6. Choose Visual Style the Peech use as a defualt to generate visual elements for your videos

  7. Your new brand kit will be added automatically to the Brand library

Set a default brand kit

From the brand library, mark the set as default checkbox under the desirable brand kit. As a result, every time Peech automatically edits a video for you, it will generate it using this brand kit.

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