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Speaker Titles

Learn how to edit, add, and remove Speaker Titles within the Visual Editor.

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With Peech's automatic face recognition feature, you can easily add graphic speaker titles to each speaker in your video.

You can see the different speakers that Peech has detected in the Speaker Titles section.

Add graphic speaker titles to the speakers in your video

  1. In the Create Wizard, face recognition is used by Peech to detect the speaker in your video

  2. Add the name and the title of each speaker

  3. If you want Peech to automatically recognize these speakers faces in future videos, check the "Save these speakers for future videos" check box.

  4. Please note that you will still have to name these speakers in future videos.

How to hide the speaker titles in your video

  1. You can hide speaker title elements from your video by clicking on the eye icon in the Speaker Titles section.

  2. You can unhide the speaker title by pressing this icon again.

How to add a new speaker title element to your video

You can easily add a new speaker title element to your video:

  1. Go to the Speaker Titles section

  2. Click on the Add Speaker Title button - a new speaker title will be added to your video

  3. Add the Name of the person and the Title

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