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The Frame Cropper

Learn how to adjust the frame of your video.

Updated over a week ago

In the “Frame Cropper,” you can make adjustments to the cropping Peech automatically applied to your shot.

Peech Automatically analyzes the frame itself & ensures that the speakers of the video are always at the center, even when cropped.

You can always refine the frame by adjusting its position manually, by using the menu on the left hand side.

Use the Frame Cropper to crop or trim the edges of a video frame to remove unwanted elements or to highlight certain aspects of the video. This tool can be particularly useful for improving the visual composition of a video or for emphasizing key content within the frame. Adjust the cropping parameters to achieve the desired framing and composition for your videos. Overall, the frame cropper enhances the visual presentation of videos by allowing users to control the framing and composition more precisely.

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