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Learn how to edit, add and remove music from your videos.

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Peech automatically selects the right music track for your video. Peech's music tracks are powered by Shutterstock for high-quality sound.

How to turn off your video's music track?

  1. You can turn off the music track of your video by clicking on the toggle icon in the Music section.

How to change the music track in your video?

  1. In the Music section, you can see the active music track in the track box.

  2. To change the music, choose one of the two:

    1. Choose from library if you want to discover the ShutterStock music library

    2. Upload music if you want to upload your own music track

How to change the music track in the music library?

  1. In the Track box, click on the "Choose from library" button.

  2. A list of the most relevant music tracks will open.

  3. To discover more music, you can insert keywords into the Search music box.

    Alternatively, you can click on the different Keywords already generated by Peech.

  4. Press the Play button to hear the different tracks.

  5. Finally, choose the desired music track to replace the current music in your video.

How to change the volume of the music track in your video?

To adjust the volume of the music track in your video, you have two options:

  1. During speaker segments: When there are people speaking in the video, you can modify the music volume to ensure it doesn't overpower the voices. Simply move the slider to the desired volume level that maintains a proper balance between the music and the speakers.

  2. During non-speaking sections: This includes the introduction, outro, and transitions where there is no dialogue or narration. You can adjust the music volume to create the desired ambiance or impact. Move the slider to select the appropriate volume for these parts of the video.

By fine-tuning the music volume in these two different parts, you can enhance the overall audio experience of your video.

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