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Learn how to edit, or remove backgrounds on your videos

Updated over a week ago

Backgrounds within your videos are determined by the Visual Style you have chosen for your video. Backgrounds improve the overall aesthetic of the video, making it more visually engaging and appealing to viewers.

How to add a background frame to your video?

  1. When creating a new video project, Peech asks you to choose the elements you want to automatically add to your video. Choose BG to add a background frame.

How to turn off the background frame from your video?

  1. Locate the Background section in the Visual Editor.

  2. Within the Background section, on the top left look for an eye icon

  3. By clicking on the eye icon, you can hide the background frame, removing it from your video.

  4. If you wish to display the background frame again, simply press the eye icon once more to unhide it.

  5. The changes will be applied instantly, allowing you to preview the video with or without the background frame.

How to edit the colors of your background frame?

  1. Locate the Color box within the Background section.

  2. Select the desired colors for your background frame.

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