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The Content Selector
The Content Selector

Learn how to use the Content Selector to make edits to the transcription of your video.

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With Peech's powerful Content Selector you can edit your videos like a document and fine-tune them like an expert.

How to edit your content using the content selector

  1. On the left side of the content selector, you'll find the transcription of your video.

  2. Highlight or double click specific words or sentences to take action:

    1. Remove - Remove this sentence from the video

    2. Revert - Bring this sentence back to the video

      Once you've removed a word and it's gone grey, select the word again to revert.

    3. Keep only - Remove all other sentences except this one.

      Select the relevant portion you'd like to keep and click 'Keep Only' in the top left corner.

    4. Cancel selection - Cancel the highlighting action

The video on the right side will be immediately affected, and the relevant sections will be cut.

How to edit your content using the trimmer

You can also make adjustments to the cuts or edit the content using the trimmer.

Within the trimmer itself, you'll see blue markers indicating the areas from the original video that are included in your edited video.

You can easily drag the border of the marked area to change the content in your video.

You'll see the effect on the content selector as well.

Icon menu of the trimmer

Split - Cut an area in the middle

Delete - Delete a marked area

Plus - Zoom in on the trimmer area

Minus - Zoom out on the trimmer area

100% - Reset the trimmer zoom to 100%

1x - Change the playback speed

Undo - Undo the last action

Redo - Redo the last action

(Found in the top right corner)

How to remove quiet breaks and filler words in your content?

Peech detects the silent parts in your video content as well as any filler words. If you want to maintain a fluent and engaging video, you can easily remove the quiet breaks and filler words from your content.

  1. Select 'Remove' in the top left corner. The content that you're asking to remove will be highlighted in the text.

  2. Choose 'Quiet Breaks' to remove any silent parts in your video.

  3. Choose 'Filler Words' to remove any filler words in your video.

Please note that you can make up to 60 edits per video. This includes trims, removal of quiet breaks & filler words.

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