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Content Library - Overview
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It is the analysis of every video that has been uploaded by you that makes the content library of Peech so powerful. With this analysis, Peech can provide solutions to help you find specific topics, recognize individuals, and even automatically generate videos using the content itself.

Here are some potential powers behind the content library of Peech:

FIltering and management

By leveraging advanced video analysis techniques, Peech can extract valuable insights from the videos, such as identifying key topics or themes discussed, detecting people or objects in the footage, and understanding the context and sentiment of the content. This analysis enables you to easily search for specific topics or individuals within your video library, saving them time and effort in manually reviewing large volumes of footage.

Auto edited topic-based videos from your content

When you upload a long-form video, Peech's powerful algorithms start to work, analyzing the entire content and identifying distinct topics or segments within it. By understanding the context, dialogue, and visual cues, Peech can intelligently break down the video into smaller, topic-based sections.

Auto highlight videos (up to 1:30 minute) from your content

By leveraging advanced video analysis techniques, Peech identifies the most engaging and significant moments within the footage. It detects key events, compelling visuals, and impactful audio segments, ensuring that the highlight video captures the essence of the original content.

Cross-department video content

Peech's cross-department video content library enhances collaboration and communication by enabling seamless sharing and access of videos across teams. It promotes knowledge sharing, efficiency, and alignment within organizations. Users from different departments can securely upload and store relevant videos, eliminating silos and ensuring easy access to valuable knowledge and insights.

Peech's video analysis, topic recognition, and automated video creation can revolutionize your interaction with video content. It simplifies navigation, search, and repurposing of videos. Gain insights, identify topics, and effortlessly create new videos. Optimize your video library, save time, and unleash creativity with Peech's transformative capabilities.

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